December 10, 2010

TelBru Let'sDrive

TelBru has organised an event called "Let'sDrive" which is similar like 'The Amazing Race' without the 'Roadblocks', 'Yield', 'stunts'(choices). The concept is not a race, but is driving around searching for clues and riddles. The first team with the highest score and completes all checkpoints/pitstops will win the grand prize.

Its the first 24-hour race in Brunei. And this was held last month and I updated about this now. Teehee. So we had to register our names early at TelBru branches if I'm not mistaken and confirm the registration at the Ministry of Communications along with a briefing about this 24-hour race.

Over 300+ teams registered

The briefing

The next week after that, race day came. How hyped and stoked I was that day.

We were told to stick this on the car. Two car stickers, a Let'sDrive roadtax sticker, and given two nametags, an orange and a lime coloured shirt and etc or else we will have a penalty that cost 2 marks.


A special asset in the race ; the manual book / Passport

Left : Kim (Main Racer) Right : Me (Co-Racer)

We set up our stuffs at Ridha Bp's place and then went to Indoor Stadium for the Starting Point.

Kusmi's car : 383

Aziim's Car : 389

Countdown till Flag Off

These people from Legend FC also joined the race

1 team = 2 person. Imagine 300+ teams

Then, THE RACE BEGINS. Everybody ran out from the Indoor Stadium and into the cars and drove off to their first pitstop which is the 'Ice Breaker Ticket'.

Ice Breaker Ticket

Ice Breaker Ticket is basically telling the team which pitstop to go to first. Every team has different Ice Breaker Ticket's which telling them to go to the first pitstop out of 12 different pitstops. Oh and if you don't know, the pitstops are TelBru branches. Overall there's 12 pitstops / checkpoints.

1) TelBru HQ, Lapangan Terbang Lama, Brunei Muara
2) TelBru Brunei, International Airport, Brunei Muara
3) TelBru Berakas, Brunei Muara
4) TelBru Muara, Brunei Muara
5) TelBru Tanjung Bunut, Brunei Muara
6) TelBru The Mall, Gadong, Brunei Muara,
7) TelBru Sinarubai, Brunei Muara
8) TelBru Tutong, Tutong
9) TelBru Lamunin, Lamunin
10) TelBru Sg.Taring, Lumut, Seria
11) TelBru Seria, Seria
12) TelBru HQ Kuala Belait, Kuala Belait

We have to finish the clues from the 12 checkpoints and back to the finish line which was the Indoor Stadium before 24hours or we will be disqualified from the race. There are certain rules in the race such as there must not be more than 3 people in the car, the orange & lime shirt must not be taken off, the nametag must not be taken off and so much more or else points will be deducted.

In order to boost points, there's this 'Shoot n Match' challenge. We have to go to the given place in the picture and take a picture with a racer in that picture (just to get extra points)

2 Points : Pulaie

2 Points : Gadong Properties

We were so hungry so we bought some foods

2 points : Gadong (Behind MD)

So we've completed the first pitstop. We were told to check out and were given a bonus clue which was a 'Shoot n Match' that costs more than 8points. Largest was 18 points. Our first bonus clue was at Bukit Shahbandar.

Bonus clue : 11 point

Example of the given bonus clue

Yes, 12 pitstops also have 12 bonus clues :-
1) Taman Rekreasi Bukit Shahbandar, Brunei Muara
2) Museum Kota Batu, Brunei Muara
3) Tasek Lama, Brunei Muara
4) Damuan, Brunei Muara
5) Hutan Simpanan Berakas, Brunei Muara
6) Pantai Seri Kenangan, Tutong
7) Tasek Merimbun, Tutong
8) Taman Rekreasi Hutan Luangan Lalak, Labi
9) Taman Rekreasi Parit, Brunei Muara
10) One Billionth Barrel Monument, Seria
11) Taman Rekreasi Anduki, Seria
12) Peranginan Pantai Serasa, Muara

Rule for 'Shoot n Match' : Must be in daylight or where sunlight is present. The photo must be clear.

Refreshment points

As a team, we were given a $5 voucher per person to get foods. We can go to either Ideal, KFC, SugarBun and many more delicious restaurants and lastly we chose Ideal. Too bad there's no McD :(

Here I'm going to tell you on how a pitstop / checkpoint operates

Check In

Everytime we reach a pitstop, both Main and Co Racer has to get out of the car and check in bringing along the passport (except at the Airport branch). There, we have to pick one out of two clues and answer them. There're only 10 clues to be answered. All clues are in radius in 10KM from the TelBru branches.

An example of the Clue

Look, there's Pirol & Ridha checking in

Check out

Whether you answered all 10 clues or not, you have to go back to the pitstop where you obtained your clue and enter the answers into a computer called the 'terminal' which is illustrated below. Each team has their own password so no other teams could sabotage others. If you've submitted the answers into the terminal, you cannot enter the answers again for it will be locked thus you have to go to another pitstop and do the same thing all over again.


Our Journey :-
1) TelBru HQ at Airport Lama (1st pitstop)
2) Bonus clue : Bukit Shahbandar (6pm)
3) TelBru branch Tanjung Bunut (2nd pitstop)

Then its night time

4) TelBru branch Sinarubai (3rd pitstop)
5) TelBru branch The Mall (4th pitstop)
6) TelBru branch Airport (5th pitstop ; midnight)
7) TelBru branch Berakas (6th pitstop ; its 1am)
8) TelBru branch Muara (7th pitstop)
9) TelBru branch Tutong (8th pitstop ; 3am)
10) TelBru branch Lamunin (9th pitstop : 5am)

5am at TelBru branch Lamunin

Whilst waiting for the sun to rise, we filled our tummies

11) Bonus clue : Tasek Merimbun (6am)
12) TelBru branch Sg. Taring (10th pitstop)
13) TelBru branch Seria (11th pitstop)
14) TelBru branch Kuala Belait (12th & the final pitstop ; 11am)

This is an example of the passport and it has to be filled. An important asset

15) Bonus clue : One Billionth Barrel Monument
16) Bonus clue : Pantai Seri Kenangan
17) Bonus clue : Taman Rekreasi Parit
18) Bonus clue : Damuan
19) Bonus clue : Tasek Lama
20) Bonus clue : Museum Kota Batu
21) Finish line (2pm ; only 30 mins to spare)

Performances commenced

Overall, we did not get to 'Match n Shoot' all bonus clue. We skipped 'Taman Rekreasi Hutan Luangan Lalak', ' Peranginan Pantai Serasa' & 'Hutan Simpanan Berakas'. We would be disqualified if we didn't speed. It was intense though as we're racing against time. We can feel the pressure were building.

More performances

Maria & The Seeds

Some of the TelBru members

A TelBru mascot holding a child. He looks afraid. LOL

The winners of iPad 3G

Actually, I was not satisfied about this. This is a bonus challenge that states, 'Go to the RedBull Car at The Mall, Gadong and capture an energetic pose with you holding a can of RedBull with the RedBull Car at the background'. So we went there, and there's this Volkswagen with RedBull vinyls and stickers.

My main racer & I planned on our way there on how to make an energetic pose. I decided to jump and Kim decided to scream or something. As we were going to get out photo captured, this woman....sorry to say.....noob. She captured me BEFORE JUMPING and AFTER LANDING! I planned to get an 'ON AIR' photo. She practically ruined the mood for that particular moment.

And guess what, the winners of this iPad 3G had their photo 'ON AIR'. Thats like, we could've won that iPad, like, we're the only ones that can challenge that photo and due to that noob photographing, we didn't get anything. I was unsatisfied and abit resented.

Waiting for the results. I was asleep

Second and third place got a trip to KL

First place ; Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6

The dude was wearing a shrek-ears headband and was extremely happy for winning. Well, who doesn't. Consolation prize was starter packs, a stay at Empire Hotel, Rizqun & many more. For us who doesn't win anything, we won experience.

Some of this photos were stolen (A)